Sanitary offshore package construction progress

Sanitary offshore package construction progress

Sanitary effluent package (Ex type) construction milestone met. Steel structure skid and all relevant piping supports construction and painting have been finished on time. 

Skid painting

Skid painting

Package Description:

This project has been defined as one of the required packages for the Pars Oil & Gas Company by means of ISOICO [Iranian Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Complex] for the 14th phase of South Pars Gas Field Development Offshore Platforms. The purpose of wastewater treatment package is reducing or removing the contaminants of wastewater through physical, chemical and biological treatment until sludge became suitable for discharge or to be recycled back into the environment. The current sanitary water treatment package is designed for treatment of 1.2 cubic meters per day in normal conditions and 2 cubic meters per day as maximum flow capacity.

Typically, sewage treatment involves three stages, called primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. First, the solids are separated from the wastewater stream. Then dissolved biological matter is progressively converted into a solid mass by using indigenous, water-borne bacteria. Finally, the biological solids are neutralized then disposed of or recycled.

Project progress story:

·The row material of skid supports and stand has been procured and inspected. Then according to fabrication drawings and approved welding procedure the production has begun

·All required supports as the package chassis for installation of the fixed and rotary equipment, piping and the vessels has been fabricated, painted, inspected and approved by project client.

·The 1st layer (epoxy-coat) paint applied to skid.

·The 2nd layer (mid-coat) paint applied to skid.

·The topcoat (Polyurethane) paint has been applied.