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Water Heater and Pressurization Package

Water Heater and Pressurization Package

Technologies and Utility Equipment packages for Oil & Gas industries

FARAN has developed specific designs to adapt technologies to oil & gas utility application. For this segment of our activity, we successfully supply engineering and modular equipment packages in order to meet our customers' satisfaction including Engineering, procurement, Construction, and commissioning.

Offshore oil and gas activities are capital intensive and time-sensitive. FARAN has, over the years, built up extensive capabilities and track record for fast-track projects. With a customer oriented approach, our team always aims to deliver more than expected and to value-add to our customers' growth and development.

Water Treatment

FARAN can supply effective and compact treatment systems to remove oil and other contaminants from produced water or other oily water resources to the level required for disposal or reuse.

Induced gas floatation (IGF):

IGF Units are used extensively around the world for the recovery of oil from produced water streams in a wide range of applications  at onshore and offshore production and processing facilities, refineries, ballast treatment facilities, etc

IGF Units separate and recover oil and fine solid particles from water through the creation of fine gas bubbles (typically < 50 microns in diameter), that are  dispersed through the incoming water stream. Oil and fine solid particles that are present in the water stream adhere to these gas bubbles and float to the surface where they are skimmed off.  The gas bubbles are dispersed into the incoming water stream by recirculating a side stream of clean water from the outlet of the IGF Vessel and pumping this back through an Eductor.The high velocity through the Eductor induces gas into the recycle water stream, where the water and gas are mixed and sheared to create a dispersion of small gas bubbles in the water.

This recycled water stream is then returned to the IGF Vessel at selected entry points, where the gas bubbles are utilized for flotation of oil and fine solids from the oily water stream.

Corrugated plate interceptor (CPI):

API and CPI separators are used in separation of free oil from produced or effluent water or suspended solids for oily water treatment in an Oily Water System.

CPI Oil Separator enables high efficiency gravity separation with corrugated plates, providing excellent treatability with a high flow rate. The simple structure makes it possible to reduce the construction cost and facilitates maintenance. plate pack is a housing of flat plastic plates (strengthened by resins) and stiffened by a frame made from plastic material (strengthened by resins) and/or stainless steel.

FARAN can design Ex corrugated plate interceptors and supply internals specific to your process requirements to removal of large oil and solids particles from produced water in low pressure applications prior to polishing. more...

Electrical heating package:

FARAN has the knowledge and expertise to design and manufacture electric process heating equipment and package suitable for installation within the extreme environments commonly found in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

We offer a wide range of water heating and pressurization packages; from small point of use water heaters suitable for hazardous areas, to large heating and pumping calorifier heaters specifically designed for installation in a particular building or offshore module. We are also able to custom design and supply storage water heaters for use in safe or hazardous areas.

PLC based temperature control system can be applied to accurate temperature adjustment in comparison with PID controller thermostat. This smart controlling is able to minimize temperature fluctuation.  more...

Chemical Injection Package:

FARAN designs and constructs Chemical Injection Packages for special applications in the oil, gas, petrochemical, energy, and chemical industries. Dosing Packages are designed and customized according to the client requirements as well as flow rate and pressure. We develop skids and packages that comply with both your specifications and international standards (such as ASME, API, and ATEX) in a close cooperation with prominent dosing pump manufacturers.

Chemical injection systems typically consist of multiple chemical services with associated single or multi-compartment storage tanks or pressure vessels. The chemicals are transferred from the tank to the injection point by means of chemical injection pumps, while flow rates can be adjusted locally or remotely in order to ensure that the correct amount of chemicals is injected. Our systems can include flow, level and pressure instrumentation for local and/or remote indication for both onshore and offshore applications.   more...