Utility Package

Oil & gas onshore/offshore utility package

Every industrial plant like oil & gas platforms, petrochemical plants, and refineries need some utility units to perform their process functions. Instrument air, hot water, water pressurization, oxygen generator, metering stations, and wastewater treatment are all categorized as utility units which can be designed and constructed as a skid mounted package.

We closely integrate with our clients by understanding their challenges and needs in utility package. Our highly experienced engineers, all with proven track record of major oil and gas projects, offer wide range of utility packages including:

-          Electrical water heater package

-          Pressurization package

-          Chemical injection package

-          Oxygen and nitrogen generators package

-          Wastewater treatment package

Electrical Water heater package(safe area/Exd IIB T3)

we offers a wide range of electrical water heating packages; from small point of use water heaters suitable for hazardous areas, to large heating and pumping calorifier heaters specifically designed for installation in a particular building or offshore module. We are also able to custom design and supply storage water heater tanks for use in safe or hazardous areas.

PLC based temperature control system can be applied to accurate temperature adjustment in comparison with PID controller thermostat. This smart controlling is able to minimize temperature fluctuation.


Pressurization package(safe area/Exd IIB T3)

Due to the head loss, the pressure in the pipeline is reduced as the distance from the infeed point increases. For this reason, it is vital to install pressurization package in certain sections to control and maintain the flow rate and pressure minimally around the set points.

FARAN pressurization package include proper size pumps, diaphragm or bladder type vessel, piping, instrument and control panel as a skid mounted package. Package is fully automated and can be deliver accurate flow rate with desired pressure. Applying the expandable storage tank will optimize the energy consumption and the maintenance cost of pumps. All required instrumentation work with control system as an integrated system to achieve most available reliability. Pressurization package can include flow, level and pressure instrumentation for local and/or remote indication for both onshore and offshore applications.

Wastewater treatment package(safe area/Exd IIB T3)

Sequencing Batch Reactor Packages treatment process is a type of activated sludge system that incorporates aeration, clarification, effluent decanting, and sludge wasting into a single vessel for wastewater tratment. An SBR is operated in batch mode through fill, aerate, settle, and decant/waste phases. FARAN’s SBR systems are well-suited for facilities needing biological treatment in a compact, easy-to-operate system. The system is well suited for the treatment of a moderate concentration BOD5 waste stream with low concentrations of product TSS and O&G.

This type of wastewater treatment package is successfully installed in several unmanned offshore platforms with a minimum maintenance and optimum performance.